Four Keeps is a competitive multiplayer strategy game where players use turrets and cannons to destroy each others’ castle walls over a series of escalating rounds. Inspired by the classic Atari game RampartFour Keeps builds upon its inspiration with more varied capture points, an expanded offensive system, and a more dynamic gameplay experience.

Players start the game as the lord of a keep surrounded by castle walls. They place a few cannons inside their walls and fire them at their enemy’s walls to destroy them. The players then build new walls using a random selection of polyominoes (Tetris-like shapes). Once the rebuild phase is over, should a player not have a keep enclosed in walls, that player’s keep has been breached and they lose a life. The round then cycles back to placing cannons and repeats. The first player to run out of lives, loses. Defend your keep, and defeat the enemy lord!



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  1. Kurt Zierhut

    I sent in a few comments but my son, Kris Zierhut, works at Blizzard and he offered some inputs that might carry more weight. He wrote:

    The Four Castles project is a pretty smooth re-implementation of a game that I played in the Arcade as a teenager.
    They get points for clean implementation, but not originality.

  2. Kurt Zierhut

    Interesting ideas.
    May I forward this to my son at Blizzard?

    1. admin

      I’d appreciate if you would. I’m quite interested to see what he thinks. And thank you for taking the time to look over our game.

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